About Me…

I’m a stay at home mom with three children and an awesome husband. My use of the word awesome suggests that I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.  I spend my time when I should be sleeping dabbling in graphic design and reading other people’s witty blogs about how they are making their lives better. Which is how I ended up here. Hopefully I will improve my life, and maybe even yours. Doesn’t this sound like fun?!

A few other things about me… I am either annoyingly competitive or don’t give a… I lovelovelove music… If I had time to read a book a day, I would go for it… My cooking has drastically improved since marriage… I’m just now venturing into the crunchy mom phase… I play and coach ice hockey… I don’t like the words “fair” and “deserve”… Days when my kids make me laugh are my favorite….


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