Week 6 – 28 Days of Dresses

So… it’s February. Last summer, I had a sequence of days – Memorial Day through Independence Day – where I wore a dress or a skirt every day. Because of this:


This blog is from a friend of an acquaintance whose dresses I thought were awesome while stalking her on facebook.

Now, my husband appreciates when I make an effort to look put together, and I have to admit that during that time period last summer I felt better about myself too.

I wanted a bit more of a challenge this time around apparently, so I roped three good friends of mine in to wear a dress or skirt every day in February! (It’s always nice to know you’re not alone in your crazy!)

Just before February began, two of the aforementioned friends and I went thrift shopping to see if we could score any sweet threads for this month. We found a consignment boutique (note: NOT a thrift store!!!) and the owner overheard us discussing our plan. She inquired about our purpose, to which we really had none at the time. From this exchange, we decided to include gift-giving in our scheme!

We are donating dresses from our personal collections to a local women’s shelter! In addition, we are going to visit thrift and consignment stores to see if they would like to sponsor a day where we will wear a dress, feature it on our facebook page, and then it will be donated!

I believe plans for the latter have fallen a bit to the wayside, but we will still be donating dresses from our personal collection. Also, I mean to do this continuous days of dresses again, and next time, I will be better prepared to expand our collection and distribution of gifts! 🙂

On a side note, last week’s post about opportunities to give has opened up a whole new world to me – I am now seeing so many more opportunities to give that I would have simply ignored before. I am loving the change I am seeing in my day-to-day living!


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