Week 5 – Opportunities to Give

I read a blog post recently about Giving Freely:


The author writes about giving whenever we can. This struck me as I recently stopped  giving a HUGE “donation” of sorts because it really wasn’t fitting in my budget, nor was it really helping anyone.

Anyway… sometimes I pass up opportunities to give. Just this week I threw away donations for a paper heart for the kids at school. Thankfully it was waiting in the recycling bin for me to grab it out and donate $1 for each of the kids.

I make a lot of excuses not to give… no time for service, no money to give, being  judgemental about who “deserves” it, etc.

From now on, when an opportunity presents itself to me, I’d love to take it. Even as I write this, I think, what if I don’t have the money, what if I don’t like the cause, what if it seems like a waste of effort?

So,when I say that I’d like to take the opportunity, what I really need is to be prepared for the opportunity.

The opportunity to give.

Can I keep spare change in a place in my car for donations? Yes. Can I keep a water bottle and some healthy snacks on hand to give to the homeless? Yes. Can I set aside time to  schedule gifts of service? Yes.

It’s not just about being given opportunities, it’s about taking advantage of them and using them to the best of your ability. I just never thought about applying that outlook, one I apply to my life constantly, to the act of giving.

What are some other ways you prepare for the opportunity to give?


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