Week 4: Donating Professional Services as a Gift

In my “about me” section, I mention that I am a freelance graphic designer. Well, one of my companies asked me to donate a logo for a good cause, and I’m doing it!

I’d love to post the logo here and give more details, but it’s not done yet, and if you read further along, you’ll find out why I won’t aggrandize the gift!

I will say that the company I’m designing the logo for was recently featured on Animal Planet!!! YAY!!! This bodes well for my portfolio!

This is the kind of gift I like to give because:

1. The recipient has asked for this specific gift. No over-thinking on this one!

2. It’s a specific gift that I’m capable of producing, and somewhat well, too!

This is not the kind of gift to be given lightly though. I am still wondering why there is guilt associated with publicizing that I’m donating my services.

As the Bible says in Matthew 6:3 – But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

(Note: I think my entire blog might go against this verse. My intentions are not to brag about giving, but to help me give more thoughtfully, and at the same time, thought-LESS-ly.)

In this particular case, I am giving in a selfish way, because I will be using the final product to bolster my resume and reputation.

I am not going to say – “look at what I’m doing, aren’t I great”, but I will say – “I made that!” without mentioning that I did it for free. I don’t think that makes the gift less meaningful, and I would never want anyone to feel that they owe me anything for this type of project. I guess if I am not making the gift itself an issue, and only highlighting my work, that leaves the left-hand out of it… Hmmm…

What was that I wrote about not having to over-think this one? Ha – I am still a work in progress!


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