Week One: A gift for myself

It may be a cop-out, but I’m still going to give this blog to myself (and to you, gentle readers) for week one. I’m hoping that by the end of the year, any followers will get something from it as well!

This idea came about as I was putting away the wrapping paper, ribbons and bags from Christmas. Sitting on my dining room floor, surrounded by way too much paper, I just wanted to get rid of it all. What better way than to use it for its purpose?! 

Not all of the gifts will be tangible, though. Supporting a family with babysitting, giving money to a good cause, just STOPPING to hang out with a friend – these are all ideas that are in the works.  Also, I want to involve the kids with this so they can see and experience how good it feels to make someone else happy (even better if it gets another toy out of my house).

So, I’ll ask you to participate to get things started. What is one gift that you would like to receive?



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